Why Big Shoes?

Many people ask about the name, Big Shoes. I’d been considering starting my own business for well over a year, maybe longer. Things in my life began lining up and I was sensing God nudging me to take a step of faith and start a communications consulting firm. At the time, it meant leaving the team I had worked with for three years, and the blog I’d been writing and building. It wasn’t an easy decision, but when I read this quote, I knew I had the confirmation I needed!

“We all walk in shoes too small.”

This quote went off in my spirit and registered in my heart as what God was calling me to do. The time had come to step out of my safe, small life and take on the bigger challenge of starting my own business. I felt God was saying to me “Your shoes are far too small. You need to stretch, grow, and expand yourself to walk in the shoes I have designed for you.”

I knew this vision would include others who felt called and compelled to step out of their ordinary lives and do something great for God in much the same way. And that’s how the name Big Shoes came about! I believe you are here because you’re called to walk in bigger shoes…just like me.

And as you know, when we step out into something bigger than ourselves, it means facing bigger challenges. That’s where I come in! I’m here to encourage you, connect you, and support you; I’m also here to work for you. From creating content to coaching to branding and messaging, I have the skills and experience to help you build a better message and bigger platform, and reach more people.

I would love the opportunity to come alongside you in your mission; in fact, there’s nothing I’d like more (except maybe another cup of coffee…).
Seriously, I’d rather work with you—and that’s saying a lot, because I love coffee. 

Where I started…

But, I’m not looking for a job!”

Those were my famous last words before I applied and was eventually hired at a Christian nonprofit in the Denver area nearly 16 years ago. That first position—as a staff writer—seemed like a dream come true at the time. And it was.

For the next 10 years, my role expanded from creating content to providing creative direction for the ministry’s online presence and developing marketing campaigns and communication strategies to build their audience and increase donations. Later, as the Director of Communications, I was always on the lookout for creative ways to communicate with donors, tell the ministry’s unique story, and better articulate the church and ministry’s vision.

I am thrilled to help ministry leaders and business owners in the same way! As a coach, consultant, and copywriter, I can help you develop the language, content, and strategies you need to do bigger things for God and for the people He has called you to serve.

And then…

The last three years of my career (before launching Big Shoes) were spent with a Christian publishing company as an online business developer, assistant publisher, and creative development editor. (Fancy, huh?)  I helped launch a daily blog which I then wrote for three years, and also helped develop leadership resources for church leaders, staff, and volunteers.

I had blast working with these leaders and loved being able to add value to their ministries. It confirmed my desire to help people like you expand your vision (whether as a church; nonprofit; speaking, writing or blogging; or running a business!) by using my gifts of communication and encouragement. If YOU fit any of these descriptions, you are who I’m doing this for!

The Big Shoes blog

My mission is to equip leaders to create, communicate, and pursue their vision with passion. Each week the blog provides practical tips, spiritual insight, and lots of real life lessons built on a specific theme. You’ll hear from me and other amazing leaders in ministry and business. Here are some of my recent posts:

Big Picture for Leaders

Marketing & Social Media

I also write about building your platform, communication and team building, balancing priorities, and being more productive. PLUS  weekly promo posts share resources, products, books and blogs you may find helpful!

other stuff about me

My heart is to come alongside and serve front-line ministries doing kingdom work.

My calling is to help people communicate and articulate their mission and message professionally and passionately.

My background includes teaching, writing, blogging, social media, content marketing and strategy, and project management.

My family consists of: my husband of 30+ years, two sons, two daughters-in-love, a grandbaby on the way, one cat, and one growing puppy. Hang around long enough and you’re bound to hear stories about each of them.

My claim to fame: For six years I was known as the Homeschool Encourager. I wrote a weekly devotional and created resources designed to provide spiritual support and encouragement for homeschooling parents.

My favorite quote: “You have way too many ideas for any one organization to use.” (I take that as a compliment!)

ready to talk? email me to set up a free 30-minute interview with me to find out if I’m a good fit for you and your organization!

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