Wrestling Through Seasons of Change

Reflections on change, transition and Colorado weather

It still looks like fall, feels like fall…except for the pile of snow. Winter’s proclamation that change is coming. It’s not unlike what’s happening internally. I’m walking in one season, fully immersed, up-to-the-elbows in it. But my heart is hearing another season beginning to make its claim. Like my deck, I feel confused. Is it fall? Is it winter? Why can’t seasons be cut and dried?

Challenged by HGTV: and one powerful question you need to answer

As you may know by now, I love HGTV and the DIY network. ¬†Early Saturday morning I was watching the DIY marathon of Yard Crashers (to get inspired and motivated to get to work on my own yard crash, I guess!). Anyway, a commercial flashed by for Rescue My Reno hosted by John DaSilvia. I’ve Continue Reading →

Don’t Let the Fire Die: 3 ways to stay in love with your vision


Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord. Romans 12:11 My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary: 30 years thank you very much! When I fell in love with him at age 16, I thought I knew what love was. I didn’t have a Continue Reading →