Challenged by HGTV: and one powerful question you need to answer

As you may know by now, I love HGTV and the DIY network.  Early Saturday morning I was watching the DIY marathon of Yard Crashers (to get inspired and motivated to get to work on my own yard crash, I guess!). Anyway, a commercial flashed by for Rescue My Reno hosted by John DaSilvia. I’ve never watched that show so I wasn’t paying much attention, but something the host said registered and immediately I knew this was something profound and powerful:

“I wake up every morning knowing I am going to make someone’s life better because of what we do.”

Read that one again, why don’t ya?! His statement sent my mind into overdrive and I woke up a couple of days later still thinking about it. The truth is,  I want to get up every morning with that same conviction, knowing what I do is going to make a difference in one person’s life…today. Don’t you??

So how do we take this to heart? 

It starts with knowing what we do. Umm, yeah Sue, isn’t that the easy part? Well, yes and no. Just because you know what you do doesn’t mean you know how that makes someone’s life better. If someone connected with you today, how would they walk away better? How would their life be enriched? In marketing terms, what felt need would you have met? If we can’t answer this fundamental question, we may need to do a little soul searching and figure out what in the world we are doing and why.

Ask yourself: What one thing am I doing that is making another’s life better? 

It starts with one person. In all our efforts to grow a ministry or a business, our focus often gets shifted to the masses we are called to the reach, the world we are supposed to change, the social network we are called to build. We forget that at the other end of all we do is one person with a need, a desire or a dream that we can touch. Ministry can’t be that simple can it? Well, maybe not. But for Jesus it was. Look at the times he left the masses to minister to the few…or the one. I guess if it worked for Him, it might be a proven ministry model.

It’s really not about how we are going to help ten organizations, or hundreds of email subscribers, or thousands of Twitter followers, but how am I going to make one person’s life better.

Ask Yourself: Who is that one person for me? Who is that one person for our ministry or business?

It starts today; not tomorrow, or in the next quarter or fiscal year, or “someday”…but today.

In other words, are you doing ministry now, even in the midst of building a ministry?

Are you meeting needs and solving problems even as you are preparing a platform?

We can’t be so caught up in the work of the ministry, that we forget to actually minister.

Guaranteed, there is someone today you could connect with who is looking for what you do. God may use you to speak the right word at the right time, to provide the counsel they need, to meet a physical or provisional need, or to simply connect them with who they need. Don’t wait until all your ministry, strategic, or platform ducks are lined up to step out.

Ask yourself: What am I doing right now…today…that is making someone’s life better?

I know this is a lot to think about. I have been ruminating on it since the weekend! There is great power in getting our mission down to this most seed-like form; knowing if we work to serve one person every day, God will honor our faithfulness. If we all answered this question and then lived by it, I believe we would see great fruit in our lives and in the lives of those we are called to serve!

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