Welcome Firepole Friends…

and thanks for stopping by! I have just released a free 5-week ecourse called STEP Up: Creating an Irresistible Message for your Ministry, Nonprofit, or Business. Just sign up below and I’ll send your first lesson today.

The STEP Up ecourse will help you articulate your vision, mission, purpose, and story—and ultimately create the message platform you need to take your ministry or business to the next level.

checkmarkIt’s short and easy-to-digest.

checkmarkIt won’t overwhelm you with information.

checkmarkIt’s broken into 5 mini-sessions with action steps at the end of each one.


This course will:

  • Help you communicate the purpose behind your mission

  • Tell the real story of your mission authentically and with raw emotion

  • Reveal if you are using the right language to connect with the minds—and hearts—of your intended audience

  • Bring your message into alignment with God’s true purpose for what you are doing

  • Give you hope and encouragement that small steps can make a HUGE difference!

This course will not:

  • Pretend you have an extra 10 (or 20 or 30) hours a week to do this

  • Tell you how to raise a million dollars

  • Replace a Strategic Plan or Marketing Strategy (or even show you how to write one. I’m believing you have that in place. IF NOT, please contact me immediately…)

  • DO it for you—but I do promise to help as much as I can!

  • Show you how to train your dog (I’m still working on that myself…)

Put these proven principles into practice and take your message from average to irresistible and prepare you for greater levels of success and impact.