Multiply Your Social Media Efforts with Feedly and Buffer

“Social Media.”

When you hear those two words, what’s your first thought?

  • Confusing.
  • Overwhelming.
  • Scary.
  • High Tech.
  • Not necessary.
  • Time-consuming.

Most leaders I talk to feel exactly the same way. Even when presented with the benefits, it can be hard to incorporate Social Media into our daily routines. My purpose in this post is not to “talk you into” using social media. I’m going to assume since you follow my blog, and are leading an organization or business into the future, you know you need to find a way to be more social.

I’ve struggled to maintain a consistent online presence, truthfully; but recently I adopted Michael Hyatt’s system and things turned around for me. Before we jump into the nuts and bolts, I want to talk about something that often holds us back from building our online following: the wrong perspective. 

If you associate any of these words with Social Media, you need to change your thinking.

  • Free advertising.
  • Online marketing.
  • Search rankings.
  • Building traffic.
  • ROI.

When I started looking at social as a way to add value to the people I most wanted to connect with online, it went from drudgery to something I actually look forward to.

Setting up the system I’m going to share requires identifying the blogs and sites that speak to your audience. This means you have to do a little research. It also requires that you consider what value or content you want to offer to your audience (which takes a little soul-searching on your part).

As I began to dig deeper, I realized exactly who I wanted to help. I also realized this was the audience I was perfectly positioned to help. So, before you jump into these tools to multiply your effort, do your homework. Be purposeful about what you share and who you share it with. As you approach Social Media with this perspective you’ll begin to see people respond.

The two tools you will need to multiply your social media efforts are and

Feedly is an RSS reader where you will set up those blogs you want to track.

Buffer is an app that allows you to manage your social accounts in one place, post to multiple accounts at the same time, and “buffer” posts into a predetermined schedule. I encourage you to check both of these tools out.

Next week, we’ll dig into the nuts & bolts of the system. In the meantime, I encourage you to do a little homework:

  • Set aside 30 minutes to brainstorm where your audience might be looking for content. Do this on paper or in an Evernote note. Think about the information that would benefit them, the people they should connect with to advance their ministries, identify their pain points and the solutions they might be looking for.

Did you learn anything surprising from this exercise? Share with us below!

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