People, Pennies and Your Potential

“Your life has the amazing capacity and potential to touch countless people because of the ever-increasing nature of God’s kingdom.” Bobbie Houston

Some studies show that the average American will come into contact with 100,000 other people in their lifetime.*

I’m not sure how much I believe this number, but with social media and online opportunities, who knows it could be accurate. How many people you actually meet in your lifetime isn’t really the important question. What really matters is whether or not you are getting your message to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. I firmly believe there are people out there waiting for you to connect with them! These divine connections won’t just happen. I know it seems like they should, but guess what? If you stay home watching an NCIS marathon, the only people you will encounter will be Tony, Gibbs, Ziva and McGee. And these are definitely not the people God has in mind.

We need to pull back the veil and begin to see the potential—our potential—to connect with and influence others. That’s the whole point of building a message and a platform, isn’t it? To reach the right people? Maybe you are doubting whether there really are people who will connect with you and your vision. I get it. And I have to believe every author, speaker, teacher, and leader in history asked this same question.

Just this week I had a severe insecurity attack. I was lying in bed and my mind became engulfed in fear and doubt. All I could think was, “What if I build all of this and no one responds? What if I am wasting my time, money, and energy?” I knew exactly where these thoughts came from, but I didn’t seem to have the strength to fight them back. Thankfully I was able to finally fall asleep, but the next morning I still had that icky feeling that came from wrestling with those deep-seated fears. God got me through it, and I was able to get my mind where it needed to be. I share this only to say, we all go through these times of doubt and insecurity.

Consider the giants of the faith, like Moses, and Abraham, and Sarah, and Gideon. God saw potential in each one, but they doubted that God could actually do anything with and through them. They couldn’t see the potential their lives had to change history and to accomplish his purposes.

Our potential is just as great, if not greater. We have access to countless thousands, if not millions of people, many of whom will connect with us, our message, and our mission. This is the nature of the kingdom! And we are not going to be the one exception. Think about that. You are not the one person for whom multiplication doesn’t work. In fact if you have even one supporter, customer, or follower, it’s already working!

There’s an old scenario that asks would you rather have a penny doubled every day for 30 days…or a million dollars? It seems like the million dollars is the way to go, but in reality a penny a day multiplied for 30 days is over 10 million dollars. That’s the power of multiplication! (Anyone remember the old circle-drawing days? You find three…they each find three and so on….) We can’t even fathom the impact we can have multiplied over our lifetimes. But it happens one person at a time.

In Bobbie’s quote, I love the phrase, the “ever-increasing nature of God’s kingdom.” God’s plan for you and your vision is increase. He wants to multiply your dreams, your impact, and your results. That’s just how He does things. He builds tribes of people, multiplies resources, and increases our influence in order to change the world. We can’t fight it! The only thing we can do is to choose not to participate.

But I know that’s not you! We are here because we have the audacious faith to believe that God can and will do something big through us, if we just stay in the game. There are 100,000 people out there you have the potential to influence, with a word, a book, a product, a service, a gift. However you are called to reach out, don’t underestimate the importance of each faithful step. It may be challenging at times, we may have panic attacks along the way. It may cost us more than we ever imagined. But the results? Priceless.


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