Subject to Change

“…For the things that are seen are subject to change.”
2 Corinthians 4:18

Looking out the window at our first snow this morning! It’s not a major “weather event” by any means, but my backyard went from looking like fall to winter in less than 24 hours. I don’t have anything against winter, in fact I love snow! But I was just getting used to fall weather and now I need adjust again. Of course, in Colorado we may have three or four seasons in one day, so we are accustomed to the quick changes..but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Sort of like life. Seasons of life often sneak up on us…

  • When your child is almost 30 and it seems he should still be toddling around in OshKosh overalls and his red keds
  • When your son or daughter gets married or moves away and it seems like just yesterday they were playing in the backyard
  • When something happens to mom or dad and suddenly you become the parent
  • Or you lose one of them and find yourself the oldest generation in your family
  • Or perhaps retirement catches you off guard and you find yourself unprepared for what’s next
  • Or your health changes
  • Or your lifestyle

…and on it goes.

Like today, it can feel as if you just wake up one day and you are in a different season of life, even though in reality it’s been transitioning slowly and surely through the years. It just seems it happened overnight. Seasons change. Life changes. It’s part of the process (que Lion King music…).

There is a point to this revelry and it’s found in our scripture today. the things we see (physical aspects of our lives) are “subject to change.” There is no stopping it or changing it. But. We can learn to embrace it.

Of course, this isn’t easy. We find great comfort in knowing what comes next, in knowing what to expect! But God likes to keep us guessing, or so it seems. Maybe we think we finally have something figured out, a relationship, a routine, our lifestyle, our work. Then something else shifts and we have to adjust our approach. And most certainly our attitude. We can find ourselves longing for the way things were, or at the least wishing things would stop changing!

But, as they say,”It ain’t gonna happen.” So, our best response is to learn to accept and embrace the season we find ourselves in.
And to embrace the change and the growth that come as a result. Otherwise we risk remaining stuck between what was and what is and not able to go anywhere.

When the seasons of life sneak up on us, we can lean into Jesus, finding our balance and security in Him not in our circumstances. Maybe that’s the part that challenges us the most. The surrender. But in that moment when we release what was, our expectations, and even disappointments, we find God is faithful. And while the seasons of life may change, His presence and love for us won’t. Whatever season you find yourself in today, embrace God’s plan and purpose for you in the season.

Have you experienced a change of season that caught you off guard? What did you learn in the process? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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