Willing to Enjoy the Process

“We tend to view the goal as the goal, but in God’s economy, the process is the goal. It’s not about what we’re doing at all; it’s about who we’re becoming in the process.
It’s not about doing great things for God; it’s about God doing great things in us.”

Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle.

I admit it. I’m a results-oriented person. I like well-defined objectives and finished projects; so much so that I can stall out in the middle of a project if I’m not making the progress I want or if others start “slowing down” the process.

If I understand (or think I undertand) where I’m headed, my nature is to set my feet in that direction and move as quickly as I can toward that goal.

Can you relate? Many leaders (these lovable D personalities!) make great leaders because of their bulldog-like tenacity that keeps them focused on the results they or their organization desire. In fact, when I describe it like that it sounds so noble and inspiring.

Except when we lose sight of the bigger picture, God’s bigger goal: our own spiritual maturity.
And things like how we treat others, how we prioritize our relationship with Jesus. Our attitude. Our ability to be patient.

For me, it is all I can do to not board the next train to my destination. I don’t want to stop and pack, or chat with friends, or offer kindness to someone else along the way. All I want is to get where I’m going, patience be damned.

And then, God delays the train. Or closes a door. And I’m left standing on the platform wondering what just happened.

What happened is: God is in control. And far more important to Him is my spiritual awareness. He wants me to grow through the process. His goal for me is not getting to my destination as quickly as possible; far from it. His goal is for me to be “…perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing” (Js. 1:4).

While it seems nearly impossible to my flesh, God wants me to learn to enjoy the process. But perhaps it’s the process that scares me. Submitting to a process taunts my brain that I may never get where I’m going or that there is a real chance of failure. And if I let up, slow down, smell the roses, I risk never making it to my destination.

It really is a trust issue, a faith issue! Can I trust God even when my progress seems slow, or even worse, that I may never reach my intended destination? Will I be content (ie patient) during the process and keep looking to Him to direct my steps even when they seem to be headed in the wrong direction?

Lord, help us to answer Yes to both! Help us want your good and perfect will for us above any other goal, destination, or dream. Help us run with endurance the race You have called us to run. Amen.

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One thought on “Willing to Enjoy the Process

  1. I truly understand where you are coming from in all of this . I can tell you from my experiences and what have observed with a lot of Christians, Everything depends on the season each individual is in in is or her life, That is why each individual is unique and personal to God, The one size fits all rules and regulations do not work and this is why there is so many very suffering Christians whose lives seems to be having a slow death. They might go to the place of worship and do all the things that is required of them, but they no longer are BELIEVERS because none of these rules are working for them. There is the RUSH of life and there is also the CALM of life and you must use wisdom to identify which season you are in and if what the ministers are preaching if it is pertained to you life or not. We all have different lives some are much more difficult than others. As that very excellent reference book call the HOLY BIBLE says “Even nature speaks of me.” Example one person can eat peanuts and they are good for that individual, another person eats the very same peanuts and have to be rushed to the emergency room near death. I really do trust and I know that my God sees me as I Am, a unique individual with my personal DNA. Bless the Amen. Have a God-conscious,Spitit-led day.