You Can’t Replace Remarkable

(I actually wrote this blog post a few years ago. It reminds me of how amazing God is to have heard my heart and set me on an amazing path working with so many “remarkable” people! Maybe you are in a place where your remarkable gifts aren’t being used or appreciated. Keep the faith, God knows the dreams in your heart and will use these circumstances, people, and places to get you where He wants you to be…)

You Can’t Replace Remarkable

Losing those things which only I can do…to be replaced with things anyone could do. Makes me feel quite obsolete. Not unique. Unremarkable.

Any yet,  in my heart I believe I AM remarkable.
Not because of me, but because of what God has put in me.
Unique gifts, a unique voice, a unique style.
Unfortunately, in some places there is no place for unique.
It makes me sad.
But I understand.
It’s my place. My role. My position.
It is not, however, my calling.

As I follow God’s leading, it will never lead me away from being unique. Special. Remarkable.

The world needs a little more remarkable, and maybe a little less marketable.
For me. I have something to offer. Something the world is crying for. I know I do.
For now, I am content to fill the role. To do the job. To love doing it.
I will not give up the vision. The purpose. God’s plan.
Even if others, while looking at their own plans, fail to see it.
The BIG plan. The BIG dream. The BIG person I am on the inside.

No blame. Just understanding.
And an unwillingness to lay down who I am for anyone other than the One who called me.

To serve with style. To write His words. To run a remarkable race.
That is something that cannot be replaced. And I’m OK to be the only one who knows it.



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